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Neighborhood Missionary Opportunity

The Neighborhood Missionary serves the Our Redeemer Church 2019 Vision "to proclaim the Gospel in the Gaps" by initiating and fostering gospel reconciling relationships around the 4WORD local ministry in the Ashman/Grove Park Neighborhood of Midland.  For more...

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Faith&Finances January 12th!

Start the New Year Off Right! Faith&Finances begins January 12, 2017   Join Faith&Finances Thursdays beginning January 12, from 6:00-8:00 pm- a group for those who think they don't have enough money to manage!  Together we'll start with the basics, explore how...

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Dinners for 6

Dinners for 6(+)  Get together for dinner or dessert once a month January, February, and March. Dinner or Dessert can be at homes, a favorite restaurant, at the church facility, or wherever the group likes.  Can be as involved as a potluck dinner or as simple as pie...

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Current Sermon Series

Fitness Goals

Sunday- May 28, 2017: 1 Timothy- Fitness Goals from 1 Timothy 4:1-16