This Sunday we begin a 5-week study of the book of Lamentations.  Lamentations is about responding to the worst kind of crisis, the kind we bring on ourselves.  It is a series of poems that describe some of the darkest days of God’s people, but as we read the Bible, they were not unexpected.  Be sure to join us this week over “zoom” as we unpack Lamentations and learn what it says about us, and about God.

Invite your friends and family over for zoom Worship this week!
We have another great opportunity this week to gather at homes and worship.  Put on the large pot of coffee and reach out to some folks to join you this week. Gather in the house, on the porch, or in the driveway. If you would like to be a “host house” for folks to join, or need the zoom meeting login and password for Sunday, just let us know by calling/texting 989 941 6262 or email [email protected] –  “See” you Sunday if not sooner!

Sunday teaching video is available on the Our Redeemer Free youtube channel.