Gathered Worship: October 18, 2020
As we prepare for worship together this Sunday, we want to remind everyone:

  • Should you choose to come to the church facility both the multi-purpose room and the sanctuary will be available for seating.  Seating has been arranged in both rooms to promote physical distancing.
  • The service this week will originate in the multipurpose room and be available live over Zoom.  You are welcome to access the service over Zoom from the sanctuary, the Ashman Plaza Studio (upstairs over LiveOak Coffeehouse-713 Ashman Sreet), or from your homes.
  • We encourage, recommend, and will model the use of masks in circumstances where physical distancing is difficult.   We ask you to wear a mask while entering, leaving, and moving about the facility.  Once you are seated you are welcome to remove your mask during the service time.
  • Our children’s areas will remain closed at this time.
  • At the conclusion of our Worship time we ask that our connecting and “fellowship time” take place outside in the parking lot.
  • We will provide the opportunity for Zoom “Break Out Rooms” for those who are joining Zoom from home.

We pray you will join us as you are comfortable.

Please contact the office at [email protected] if you need Zoom login information.