Sunday – March 8, 2020: Who is Jesus? from John 10:1-21 #SoThatYouMayBelieve 

John: Jesus is God in the flesh, bringing light and life to all who believe. (John 20:31)

Jesus is the Good and Better shepherd.

  1. Context: For the original hearers, shepherds would have represented leaders. Compare “good” and “bad” shepherds in leadership (Psalm 23 versus Ezekiel 34). The word “pastor” is derived from the same root word as “shepherd”.
  2. Comparison: Shepherds vs. strangers (verses 2-5); Shepherds vs. thieves/robbers (verses 7-9); Shepherds vs. hired hands (verses 10-13)
  3. Call: There is a call for people to follow the Good Shepherd. (verses 19-21)